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Our academic program is designed to train students in the skills and knowledge necessary for a well rounded education. We strive to meet and exceed the educational goals of the Ontario Ministry of Education, with the additional goal of a sound Biblical Studies curriculum.

It is the aim of Kleinburg Christian Academy to be CHRIST centered, TEACHER directed and CHILD oriented. Curriculum is built upon the understanding that life is precious, and that humankind must serve God everywhere and in all things. All activities within the scope of education at Kleinburg Christian Academy grow out of this starting point.

Biblical Studies

The Bible is the basis of our Biblical Studies programme, and includes daily devotionals, weekly chapels and in-class studies.


Science & Technology

Through the study of Science, students learn to appreciate the world around them.


Students are taught to see the orderly design of the world. Students learn number sense and numeration skills,

Language Arts

Arts program addresses student learning in the essential areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Social Studies

A range of Social Studies topics in the primary grades form the foundation for History and Geography in the intermediate grades.

Physical Education

Students are encouraged to develop habits of lifelong, healthy and active living.


Music and creativity take many forms across the grades.

Health Education

Health education at KCA encourages students to learn problem-solving skills, make God and self-honouring decisions, and set goals that are directly related to personal health and well-being.


Art helps students develop fine motor skills, and gives opportunity for creativity and self-expression.


French language instruction at Kleinburg Christian Academy begins in Kindergarten.

French Dictionary
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